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The NautBoard story in the USA...


AquaNautUSA is an Authorized Regional Distributor of AquaNaut International, the manufacturer of NautBoards. AquaNaut International's and AquaNautUSA's principals are childhood classmates, who have grown up in the same neighborhood.


Following an email to Fox 2 News in early June 2015 in an attempt to get some publicity, the NautBoard had caught the attention of one of the station's weather reporters Derek Kevra, who has decided to take the NautBoard for a spin and he consequently introduced it in an 'Out and About' segment, thus providing a long overdue exposure to the product.


The Nautboard is made in its entirety of Polypropylene, is shaped like a wide letter M and an alike W when upside down. The NautBoard includes a rope weaved through four holes in it, forming means by which the board can be attached to a watercraft with yet another rope that's commonly used to to pull other watersports towables.


NautBoards are truly made to last and are therefore outstandingly durable. The boards are also flexible, lightUV Resistant, and most importantly float.


NautBoarding does not involve high speed. Recommended towing is at 2 to 5 knots.


Nautboarding is intended for swimmers of virtually any age who can hold on to the board, yet adult supervision as with all similar devices is essential, highly recommended, and considered therefore a must.


We urge you to rest other boards and inflatables when you're ready for a dip to cool off; and, immerse yourself, kids and guests, using this unique and fun towable device.


We believe that this thrilling water surfing and diving device is going to change how you perceive a dip in the water when you are 'sick' of the heat!


It's Fun, We Promise! You won't be bored with a NautBoard!

NautBoard Floating Upside Down!
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