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We know it's sometimes hard to choose; but don't worry, we are glad to send you both at a discount.


Both (Pink & Yellow)

$265.00 (SAVE $25.00)


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$145.00 (Yellow)


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$145.00 (Pink)


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NautBoarders' Feedback:


Name: Brett Schornack

Date: 15 March, 2016

Subject: Review

Bought a nautboard after watching videos I saw online. After trying it out on our boat in Lake Saint Clair, I fell in love. Had to go get another so we could tow two at a time. Amazing product! We get lots of heads to turn when we pass by other boaters on the lake! Can't wait for boating season so I can get back to swimming like a dolphin!


Name: Cheryl

Date: 17 July, 2015

Subject: Great Product!

I saw this product last Sunday on Fox2 news and decided I had to try it. I ordered it on Monday, it was on my doorstep on Tuesday! I spent the last week at Higgins Lake where I rented a pontoon boat and gave it a spin, it was a phenomenal experience! With goggles while diving I got to swim with the fish, enjoying one of the clearest lakes in the state. When I returned the boat to the marina I showed them my Nautboard and suggested they have them available for rental. Great product and the most fun I have had in the water in a long time, THANK YOU!


Name: Jess

Date: 12 June, 2015

Subject: Happy with my new Nautboards

Bought two of these (a pink and a yellow). My family and I used similar devices in the Caribbean 2 years ago and we've been unable to find them since. I did some research on the web and discovered these. They're a lot of fun, and the closest you'll come to flying like Superman. Really great in clear water environments. The tow speed is fast enough to simulate underwater flying, but it's not too fast so you won't miss marine life, some of which you can see better (eagle rays, tarpon, turtles) since you're going faster than regular snorkeling or on scuba. Since these were not exactly what I'd used before, I had questions and had the opportunity to communicate with the US based distributor and the manufacturer directly (mfg is located in Israel), which helped insure that I was getting something similar to what I used before. They were very responsive and delivered as promised and threw in a couple of dive masks as well. The product is very well made, essentially indestructible; and a good price point as far as marine water toys go. A D-clip carabiner is included with each one, as is the rope that attaches to the device (just like in the picture). All you need to do is attach the carabiner to the tow rope. I'd recommend these to anyone that wants a new water toy! Happy with my purchase.



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